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Tenth International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

November 5-10, 2001, Atlanta, GA, USA

Sponsored by ACM SIGIR and ACM SIGMIS

CIKM has successfully brought together leading researchers and developers from several information and knowledge management areas, databases and information retrieval in particular. We will continue this tradition to foster further collaboration between information and knowledge management areas, defined broadly. We have special interest in papers that bridge traditionally separated areas such as databases and information retrieval, or those that apply techniques from one area to another. Areas of interest include and are not limited to:

Data and Knowledge Sharing
Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery
Data Warehouses, OLAP
Distributed Object Management
Digital Libraries
Electronic Commerce
Federated Information Systems
Heterogeneous and Distributed Systems
Hypertext and Hypermedia, Semi-Structured Data
Intelligent Search
Interactive Data Exploration
Intelligent Information Systems
Information Filtering and Summarization
Information Visualization
Information Classification and Organization
Intelligent Agents
Knowledge Management
Mobile and Wireless Data Management
Multimedia Databases
Non-traditional Databases

Paper Submission Instructions:

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that are not being considered in another forum. At least one author is required to attend the conference and present the paper. An electronically submitted abstract will be required prior to the submission of the full paper. Manuscripts should contain no more than 5000 words and be printed on 10 or 12 size font. Electronic submission of manuscripts (in PDF, postscript, or ASCII formats) is expected. Submissions should include the paper title, abstract, name of authors, their affiliation, email address, and postal address. In addition, the author responsible for correspondence should include his/her telephone number and complete email address. The papers should be submitted electronically through the CIKM2001 Online Submission System (CLOSED). Papers that bridge two areas should be marked as BRIDGE papers, and they will be reviewed jointly by the appropriate PC sub-areas.

Information Retrieval PC Co-Chair

Prof. David Grossman
Dept. Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Tech.
10 W. 31st Street 
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: +1-312-567-5261

Database PC Co-Chair

Prof. Ling Liu
College of Computing, Georgia Tech
801 Atlantic Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280
Phone: +1-404-894-9760

Industry Track Submission:

We solicit high-quality presentations that provide an in-depth technical discussion of:

  • information and knowledge management products and marketplace trends
  • requirements of novel applications
  • important research problems from an industrial perspective
  • lessons learned applying research results to real problems

By July 9, 2001 (firm), please submit one of the following to the industry track chair, Len Seligman (

  • 1-2 page abstract (in pdf, postscript, or Word) describing your proposed presentation,
  • 1-2 paragraph abstract plus draft presentation slides (in Powerpoint, pdf, postscript, or html), or
  • full paper (in pdf, postscript, or Word), up to 5000 words, in 12 point font.

Accepted abstracts and papers will be published in the conference proceedings. In addition, selected papers will be considered for publication in the Industry Perspectives section of SIGMOD Record.

Dates for Industry Track Submissions:

Industry track abstracts/papers July 9, 2001 (firm)
Acceptance notification August 3, 2001
Camera ready abstracts/papers August 30, 2001

Panel Submission:

We solicit proposals for panels on exciting, new and controversial issues related to the conference topics. Proposals on topics that emphasize the interaction between areas, such as DB and IR, are particularly welcome. Panel proposals must be debate-oriented and must pose specific questions that panelists can be called to answer. A list of probable participants with their affiliation should be included in the proposal. Panel proposals should be submitted to the panel chair, Leo Mark (, by June 4, 2001.

Tutorial Submission:

Tutorial proposals should identify the intended audience, the scope and the depth of material to be covered. Past experience and successes of the presenter will be considered positively. We are particularly interested in tutorials that foster knowledge exchange among the different research communities present at CIKM. The time allocated for the tutorial is 4 hours.

The length of tutorial proposals should not exceed 5 pages. They should be submitted to the tutorial program chair by email ( before June 4, 2001.

Workshop Submission:

We solicit proposals for workshops related to the conference topics. Proposals should be submitted to the workshops chair, Il-Yeol Song ( by June 4, 2001. A workshop proposal should include title, theme, procedures for call for papers, and the organizing committee members.

Important Dates:

May 28, 2001 Electronic abstract due
June 4, 2001 Full paper, workshop, panel, and tutorial submissions due
Aug. 1, 2001 Notification of acceptance
Aug. 30, 2001 Camera ready copy due

Program Committee:

Karl Aberer EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)
James Allan University of Massachussetts (USA)
Maristella Agosti University of Padua (Italy)
Lisa Ballesteros Mt. Holyoke College (USA)
Phil Bernhard FIT (USA)
Elisa Bertino University of Milano (Italy)
Athman Bouguettaya Virginia Tech (USA)
Mic Bowman Intel (USA)
Roger Bradford SAIC (USA)
Eric Brown IBM (USA)
Jamie Callan Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
Silvana Castano University of Milano (Italy)
Sharma Chakravarthy University of Texas at Arlington (USA)
Arbee L.P. Chen National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
Ming-Syan Chen National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
Abdur Chowdhury AOL (USA)
Charlie Clarke University of Waterloo (Canada)
Terence Critchlow Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA)
Bruce Croft University of Massachussetts (USA)
Susan Dumais Microsoft Research (USA)
David W. Embley Brigham Young University (USA)
Opher Etzion IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa (Israel)
Jim French University of Virginia (USA)
James Frew UCSD (USA)
Ophir Frieder IIT (USA)
Norbert Fuhr University of Dortmund (Germany)
Avigdor Gal Rutgers University (USA)
Susan Gauch University of Kansas (USA)
Dimitrios Georgakopoulos Telcordia Technologies (USA)
Fredric C. Gey University of California at Berkeley (USA)
Lee Giles Penn. State University (USA)
Paul Grefen University of Twente (The Netherlands)
Warren Greiff MITRE (USA)
Theo Haerder University of Kaiserslautern (Germany)
Jiawei Han Simon Fraser University (Canada)
David Hawking CSIRO Mathematical Information Sciences (Australia)
Gareth Jones Exeter University (UK)
Konstantinos Kalpakis University of Maryland Baltimore County (USA)
Masaru Kitsuregawa University of Tokyo (Japan)
Wolfgang Klas University of Vienna (Austria)
Donald Kraft Louisiana State University (USA)
K.L. Kwok Queens College, CUNY (USA)
Alberto H F Laender Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Mounia Lalmas Queen Mary, University of London (UK)
Per-Ake Larson Microsoft Research (USA)
Jong-Hak Lee Catholic University of Taegu (South Korea)
Wang-Chien Lee Verizon Laboratories (USA)
Wen-Syan Li NEC (USA)
Liz Liddy Syracuse University (USA)
Alvin Lim Auburn University (USA)
Hongjun Lu Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Hong Kong)
Tok Wang Ling National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Leo Mark Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
Alberto Mendelzon University of Toronto (Canada)
Rokia Missaoui University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada)
Charles Nicholas UMBC (USA)
Erich Neuhold GMD IPIS (Germany)
Sham Navathe Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
Anne Hee Hiong Ngu Telcordia Technologies (USA)
Shojiro Nishio Osaka University (Japan)
Timo Ojala University of Oulu (Finland)
Edward Omiecinski Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
Aris M. Ouksel University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu Case Western Reserve University (USA)
Yi Pan Georgia State University (USA)
Yannis Papakonstantinou University of California at San Diego (USA)
Jan Pederson Centrata Inc. (USA)
Niki Pissinou Florida International University (USA)
John Prange ARDA (USA)
Berthier Ribeiro-Neto Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Tore Risch Uppsala University (Sweden)
Ken Ross Columbia University (USA)
Gunter Saake Magdeburg University (Germany)
Mark Sanderson University of Sheffield (UK)
Hans Schek ETH (Switzerland)
Peter Scheuermann Northwestern University (USA)
Len Seligman MITRE (USA)
Alan F. Smeaton Dublin City University (Ireland)
Terry Smith UCSB (USA)
Il-Yeol Song Drexel University (USA)
Uma Srinivasan CSIRO Mathematical Information Sciences (Australia)
Zahir Tari RMIT University (Australia)
Paul Thompson West Group (USA)
Erik Thomsen DSSLab (USA)
Vassilios S. Verykios Drexel University (USA)
X. Sean Wang George Mason University (USA)
Gerhard Weikum University of the Saarland (Germany)
Janusz Wnek SAIC (USA)
Yelena Yesha UMBC (USA)
Clement Yu University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
Philip S. Yu IBM Watson Research Center (USA)

Organization Committee:

General Chair

Calton Pu Georgia Institute of Technology

Database PC Co-Chair

Ling Liu Georgia Institute of Technology

Information Retrieval PC Co-Chair

David Grossman Illinois Institute of Technology

Organization and Finance Chair

Eun-Kyo Park University of Missouri, Kansas City

Workshops Chair

Il-Yeol Song Drexel University

Local Arrangement Chair

Alvin Lim Auburn University

 Tutorials Chair

Karl Aberer  EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

Proceedings Chair

Henrique Paques Georgia Institute of Technology

Panels Chair

Leo Mark Georgia Institute of Technology

Publicity Chair

Ian Soboroff NIST


David Buttler Georgia Institute of Technology

Industry Track Chair

 Len Seligman The MITRE Corporation
Henrique Paques Georgia Institute of Technology

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